Contacting Repair & Service

Repair & Service Needs

If you are experiencing difficulty with operation of your Range-R handheld sensor, please review the information provided on the FAQs tabs before contacting L-3 CyTerra's Repair & Service Department. Our Repair & Service Department can assist you with:

  1. Status of a repair/obtaining a Return Authorization Number (RA#) via phone
  2. Package tracking information
  3. Post-sales inquiries
  4. Technical questions not covered in the FAQs section
  5. Other miscellaneous questions or concerns

Repair & Service Contact Info

Repair & Service Department personnel are available to speak with you directly between, 9 am (0900) and 4 pm (1600) Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, except on Holidays. You can reach us by phone, fax or e-mail:

  2. Phone: 407-517-6110
  3. FAX: 407-859-5131

We will respond to all emails, phone calls, and faxes on the same business day. If your message is received outside of normal business hours, we will respond the following business day. Please use the following address when shipping to L-3 CyTerra's Repair & Service Department:

Attn: Repair & Service Dept., RA# ______ (if applicable)
L-3 CyTerra
7558 Southland Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32809